An international fund registered in Luxembourg, which is engaged in attracting investments from private and institutional investors in cryptocurrency mining projects. Using the possibilities of access to optimal energy sources, as well as the loyalty of the laws of the geographical locations we have chosen, the Fund strives to obtain the optimal ratio of income to risks of cryptocurrency mining projects.
NEOETF ENERGY FUND is a société en commandite spéciale (SCSp) in the process of being incorporated under the laws of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and which will be registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Registry. The declared authorized capital of the Fund is 100 million euros. The license will be renewed to 500 million euros during the year. The remaining shares will arise during the entry of new shareholders of the Fund, each time they purchase the corresponding packages, shares of shares. The investment goal of the fund- create a Fund within which Bitcoin mining will be carried out and a Token to attract Investments for the implementation of projects based on blockchain technology.
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1 ETFD Bonds (ETFD) 100 20000